New Patient Complimentary 3D Take Home Whitening Kit

Complimentary Take Home Whitening Kit

Totowa Dental Center

New Patient Complimentary Take Home Whitening Kit - $90.00 Value

Sometimes, even healthy teeth can need a little help to reclaim their bright, white glow. Thankfully, the Totowa Dental Center team offers just that – free whitening kits! As a new patient you will be able to improve your smile and self-confidence from the comfort of home whenever you have the time.

As a way of saying welcome to the Totowa Dental Center, all new patients will receive a complimentary Crest 3D whitening system with the bonus of a blue LED light to improve the effectiveness of the whitening system dramatically. Just fill out the form below or mention this offer when scheduling your first appointment. Offer Expires 11/01/2018

Please contact us at 973-890-0600 If you have any questions about our care to share program. We look forward to speaking with you.

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