Turning Off The Water When Brushing Can Save 2.07 BILLION GALLONS of Passaic County's Water Supply

How Much Water Is Passaic County Wasting Annually?

The flow rate of a bathroom faucet is 1.6 gallons per minute. This means that if we brush for three minutes with the faucet running, we’re wasting 5 gallons each time we brush. That may not seem like too much, but if all 550,000 people living in Passaic County, NJ did that twice a day, while brushing alone we will waste 2.07 BILLION gallons of Passaic County’s water supply every year.

What Can Your Family Do?

We ask all Totowa Dental Center patients to shut off the water while they brush, please ask household members to do the same, this is also an apropos topic for the work water cooler!

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How Much Water Can Your Family Save?

 If a family of four stops running the faucet while brushing it will save over 14 THOUSAND gallons of water annually, roughly the amount held in a 27 foot swimming pool! This is also enough water to sustain an impoverished village of 100 people for 2 ½ months!

Does Brushing In the Shower Save Water?

You might think so; after all you’re multitasking using only one stream of water. There are a few reasons why this isn’t a good idea.

Remember, your showerhead is a full of bacteria, which adds significant levels of bacteria to the water your brushing with. Your mouth is already a home to many bacteria; it has been proven you’ll get more bacteria on your toothbrush if you leave it in the shower, ultimately winding up in your mouth.

Furthermore, it’s very unlikely that you actually save water. After all, the shower is running the entire time you’re brushing. In fact, showerheads use more water than sink faucets; consequently wasting more water brushing in the shower than you would if you brushed at the sink.

Let's Make A Difference!

The only solution is brushing in the sink while turning the water off after wetting your toothbrush. So make sure you’re shutting off the faucet every time you brush, and don’t brush in the shower.

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